Friday, January 28, 2011

Sisters Part 2

As I sit here typing this post the girls are watching Sesame Street.  Minah loves Elmo and Chloe is a big Grover fan.  They are sharing a stick of string cheese while they wait for lunch.  Minah can now clearly say many body parts and will point to them when you ask her.  She is so smart!  Chloe has started gymnastics again and is doing very well.  Minah and I got to watch her first class.  Her teacher said she will progress very quickly which didn't surprise me at all.  She has a lot of natural talent-grace, strength, and balance.  Not to mention she is very flexible.  All of that combined with her fearlessness, she seems like a natural gymnast.  That was a little tough for Minah to watch the class because she didn't understand why SHE couldn't do it too.  She just needs to be a little bit older and she can do gymnastics, dance, music class, or even ice skating.  I'll let her decide what she wants to try first.  Chloe has also started Chinese language classes.  Her first one was last week.  Her teacher said she speaks very clearly and did very good.  Next week they are celebrating Lunar New Year and Chloe will get to make dumplings!  Yummy!  I am already looking to find a class that is similar for Minah someday.  I want to make sure that both girls feel happy, proud, and connected to their birth cultures.  I've had a few people ask me recently, "Are they REAL sisters?" or if I'm holding Minah, "Are they twins?"  I don't think they look like twins.  I think people assume because Minah's hair is so long that she is older.  Once I put her down they see how little she is and then they know they aren't twins.  As for the REAL sisters thing-I tell them "Yes."  They are REAL and they are SISTERS-and always will be.

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