Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lunar New Year Party and Ryan's Swim Meet

Painting her lantern

She took such care to draw a rainbow.

Having fun with friends!

Chloe was invited to her friend Rowan's Lunar New Year party which took place yesterday.  There were quite a few little girls that attended (and Rowan's brother Cooper).  They were all between the ages of about 3.5 and 8 years old.  First they painted paper lanterns and made pretty bracelets.  The Moms had the opportunity to watch Lily (a friend of Rowan's Mom) make her famous Chinese noodles.  Chloe loved painting the lantern and playing with her friends.  I loved the cooking class and I learned so much!  I also learned how to make my dumplings not stick to the pan when I make them.  Yeah for my family!  We enjoyed a nice Asian lunch as well.  It was fun for Chloe and I to have some special Mommy and me time too.  We don't get that too often.  I've tried uploading some photos but I'm having trouble with my internet tonight.  Hopefully I can add them in the morning!

After we left the party Chloe and I went to Ryan's inter-squad swim meet.  His coaches divided the team into two groups.  They were assigned a captain and during the last week they have had fun team building exercises during practice.  The meet started off with the individual teams creating a banner.  Ryan was on the "Purple Titans".  They also created medaillons to be given out as awards during the meet.  They did all sorts of fun races-big kids swimming with younger ones, kick board races, co-ed relays.  The swimmers had a great time!  Ryan won lots of "bag tags" for his swim bag which always makes him very happy.  They ended the meet with some snacks to celebrate.  This was the first ever inter-squad meet for his team and I think it was very successful.

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