Monday, January 10, 2011

Catching Up-Chloe's School Holiday Program

Minah was so excited to hug her sister!

Santa giving out goodies.  Look who had to be right up there by him.

My sweetie!

Mommy and the girls

Chloe had her Holiday program in December.  I had ordered the girls matching dresses for their adoption finalization but decided they weren't "dressy" enough.  Because they were so cute I kept them and decided Chloe would wear hers for her school party.  Of course, Chloe had a different idea.  The entire morning we disagreed about the dress, tights, and shoes.  By the end, Chloe decided she did indeed like the dress and agreed to wear it.

We arrived at the school and met Grandma Ruth.  Chloe and her class sang several super cute songs (with hand gestures) for the group.  Afterwards they gave us beautiful crafts they had made.  Santa arrived and my girls were giddy with excitement.  Miss Minah kept saying, "Santa!  Santa!  Ho! Ho! Ho!"  and she happily ran over to get her candy cane.  We enjoyed some yummy cookies and punch before we went home.  What a great way to start the holiday parties!

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