Saturday, January 29, 2011

Boy Scout Father/Son Cake Bake

Matt and Jacob took part in the Father/Son Cake Bake with the Boy Scouts this month.  Jacob is a "Tiger Cub" in Boy Scouts.  They baked the cake Tuesday night and Jacob actually did all of it by himself with Matt carefully watching.  The contest was Wednesday night so Matt left work early and they decorated it before scouts started.  They did the entire thing by themselves!  I was impressed.  The rule was that it all had to be edible and the cake needed to be of something that moves.  Jacob had carefully thought about what he wanted to do and decided on an airplane.  He put all of the decorations on himself-licorice ropes, M&Ms, a fruit roll-up for the windshield, a frosted graham cracker for the tail, and cool whip for the clouds.  They won several awards including 3rd place "Most Detailed' and 3rd place "Judges Choice". 

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  1. How fun and what an awesome creation! I can't believe how much Jacob has grown. What a cutie. It looks like Matt and Jacob had a great time.