Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ready for Winter Weather

The weather is definitely cold here now.  We've gotten a fair amount of snow with more to come tonight.  So far it has been either too cold or we've been too busy to play outside but hopefully that will change soon.  The girls look so cute in their winter gear.  Minah loves hats so she really enjoyed it when she started wearing her new winter one.  The girls are still getting used to wearing gloves.

On another note, the girls have been hugging a lot lately.  It is sort of a game they both enjoy.  Chloe will put out her arms and they will run together and embrace each other.  Most of my photos of it look like Chloe is trying to tackle Minah but that isn't really the case.  Minah giggles the entire time and loves hugging Chloe and pretty much everyone.  Today Grandpa Bob came over for a haircut.  As soon as he walked in the door Minah's face lit up and she said for the first time "Hi Grandpa Bob!"  Of course he got a few hugs too.  I was impressed because this is the first time she not only said Grandpa but Grandpa Bob!

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