Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Little Ears

Sisterly love
They are so cute together. 

They had been giving each other kisses-Minah started it.  I asked Chloe to give her a kiss and she was so sweet.  In the photo it looks like she has a tight grip on Minah's shoulders but she really didn't.  They were being very cute.

I asked Minah to hug Chloe.  As she leaned in she was saying, "Awww....."

Smiley Minah!

My little girls with their little ears.  Over the last few weeks we realized that Chloe wasn't just being defiant and ignoring us.  We speculated that maybe she didn't hear us?  I made an appointment with the audiologist and she went this last Monday.  She was such a good girl and very cooperative.  We found out she has marked hear loss in both ears.  Poor thing!  Fortunately, they think it is temporary.  She saw the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor yesterday to have her ears cleaned out so they can see what is going on in there.  Again, she was so good while they prodded in her ears.  Some really yucky stuff came out.  Honestly, I think the one ear has been blocked since before we brought her home from China.  The pediatrician had tried several times  in the past unsuccessfully to remove the wax to see her ear drum.  After the doctor got everything out yesterday, he got a good look.  Both ears are not infected but she has a thick mucus that has filled the inner ear.  Matt joked that he must sound like the teacher in Charlie Brown to her.  She is taking Claritin and Nasonex to hopefully put off removing her tonsils (we found that out 2 weeks ago) and he recommended that we continue with those two medicines to see if they will dry out her ear.  We will see the doctor again in January to access Chloe's ears and tonsils.  They will retest her hearing and see if we need to do anything else to help her sleep and hear better.
Minah has a cold too.  Over the weekend she started with a dry, barky cough and her voice became horse.  Occasionally when she would wake up, her eyes were a little goobery and she had just a slight runny nose.  Monday she didn't have much of an appetite and the cough seemed worse to me so I decided to take her to the doctor.  I explained all of her symptoms all the while worrying about her cough.  I was so surprised to hear that she had a double ear infection!  The cough was from post-nasal drip and nothing to worry about.  Poor thing!  She hadn't complained at all about her ears and she is such a happy little girl so we didn't have any idea.
My little girls and their little ears!

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