Thursday, December 23, 2010

Big Day for Our Family!

It has been a roller coaster the last few weeks trying to finalize. We weren't even sure if it was going to happen before the end of the year. Our attorney had been recommending to us continuing until next week "to be sure" everything would be in order to finalize and we decided over the weekend that we would "chance" going to our court date yesterday in hopes that everything was in order and the judge would sign-off on the girl's adoptions. (We finalized Minah's adoption and re-adopted Chloe yesterday.) We piled into the car only to get a call on the way over that our attorney had a family emergency and a colleague would fill in for her. We got there and they sent us to the wrong court room. We couldn't find our new attorney anywhere so finally a kind woman took me under her wing and we found the correct court room. Just as I walked in the court room they called our case. Because our "new" attorney wasn't there, they moved our case to the end of the list. We sat through at least 100 cases of debt collection and it was finally our turn. Our new attorney was there by this point and the court room had pretty much cleared out. We went up in front of the judge and he asked, "Would you like an early Christmas present?" as he signed our papers. Yeah!!! We waited a few minutes and then he allowed us to take some photographs with him in a conference room.

The really cool thing, our judge has 3 children that were all adopted from Korea! His oldest is 27 and in his 3rd year of law school and he has twins that are 23 (one in the service and the other in his 3rd year at NIU). We talked about Korea, adoption, culture camps, and the joys that our children have brought to our lives.

After court we went with all of the Grandparents to a wonderful restaurant called Kuma's. It is an Asian bistro with Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Thai food. The owner (Kuma) came over to our table and I had a wonderful conversation with her. She is Korean and she really made a fuss over the girls. She said that Minah reminds her of her granddaughter she is raising and suggested we have a play date.

It was such a wonderful day and we were so glad to legally be Minah's parents and that Chloe will now have a US birth certificate for her to use in the future.

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  1. Congratulations! How cool is that?!? So glad you got that judge. What a blessing!