Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wisconsin Dells!

The little girls and I painted our piggies purple.
Jacob and his colorful frog.

Chloe and her beautiful mermaid.

Minah painted a tile yellow.

Rachael and her really cool mug.

Abby liked checking out the fun.

Ryan and his colorful snake

Abby and Chloe getting ready for bed.

My smiley Minah.

Giggling Abby

Minah saying, "Cheese!"

We went last weekend to the Wisconsin Dells with my Mom, brother Mike, sister-in-law Julie, and my niece Abby.  This was our very first family vacation-as a family of 7 and also our first time traveling with my brother's family.  We stayed at the Wilderness Resort and we were fortunate enough to book a condo-like room.  It had 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a washer/dryer, and full kitchen.  Best of all, it was connected to the hotel so we didn't need to use the shuttle.  It's pretty chilly now in the Dells!
We left early Friday morning and got there at lunch time.  We met Mike and Julie at Culvers and enjoyed a yummy lunch.  Afterwards we headed over to the resort.  The first thing we did was visit Polka Dot Pots.  It is a store where you purchase unpainted pottery and they provide you with the paints, brushes, and anything else you could need to decorate it yourself.  Each time we have gone to the Dells we have done this as a "souvenir" for the kids.  It was really fun.  Ryan painted a snake.  Jacob painted a frog.  Chloe decorated a mermaid.  Rachael and Matt decorated mugs.  Minah painted a tile that I will use to put hot pans on in the kitchen and I painted a plate.  Each year I have painted a plate and I put the kids hand prints on it.  They are displayed in the kitchen.  If I had done that this year, I would have needed to decorate a serving platter!  So, I painted a tree with 5 branches-one for each of our children.  I had them each put their fingerprints on there as leaves.  I love the way it came out and I can't wait to add it to the collection.
Afterwards we headed over to the water park.  What a fun time!  The kids loved the slides, sprays, and excitement.  Later that evening we went to the dry-play area and the kids had the opportunity to run, jump, and bounce around.  Minah did so well for her first time being away from home.  A few times during the night I noticed she sat up and called, "Momma?".  As soon as I put my arm around her she fell back asleep.  She just seemed to need the reassurance that we were there with her but she didn't seem to mind that it wasn't her bed at home.  All of the kids did so well and we had so much fun.

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