Sunday, November 21, 2010

More water park fun!

Having fun checking out all of the water slides.

Hmm....which one should I ride on first?

Minah, come with me to find one!


That was awesome!

This kiddie pool is great!  It's just my size and warm..

I like to be on my stomach in here.  My hands touch the pool floor and I let my bottom and legs float to the top.  This is great!

I like trying to blow bubbles in here!  Can you see me trying to kick my feet too?

The little girls loved the water park.  Chloe wanted to do every slide at the park.  Some of them were a little too big for her and she needed an adult to ride with her.  She never seemed afraid of any of them.  Minah rode on a few small slides with her Daddy.  She seemed to like them but her favorite thing was the kiddie pool.  It was very warm and she would lie on her stomach and put her hands on the pool floor.  She would let her body float to the top.  She loved to try and blow bubbles too. 

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