Sunday, November 14, 2010


Barbie Princess Chloe

My two fairy princesses

Smiley Girl!

Such a sweetheart

Clone Trooper Jacob and Granny

Looking for candy

A ninja manned the door while we went trick-or-treating

Getting ready to go

Daddy helping Minah get her candy

Halloween was a busy day here.  First we dropped Rachael off at the high school.  The band had a competition about an hour away.  Afterwards we drove to my brother's house for my niece Abby's second birthday party.  Everyone had a great time.  Next we stopped by Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Mark's to say hello before we picked up Rachael.  We quickly went home and got ready to trick-or-treat.  Basically we go around the block on both sides of the street.  That is enough for the little ones right now.  After about two houses, Minah had it all figured out.  She'd walk up to the door and smile with her candy bag.  If they let her pick out the candy from the bowl, she'd try and grab a handful.  She has acquired the taste for chocolate and LOVES it.  We don't let her have too much though.  Rachael was very creative and came up with a pretty cool ninja costume at the last minute.  Honestly, I don't have a single picture of Ryan in his costume.  He left with his friends before I had the camera ready and came back late.  He was the scary "Scream" monster.  He went with a big group of friends through not only our subdivision but the one next to ours as well.  He came home with an entire pillow case full of goodies!  Our last stop was the Castilla's party.  They had a wonderful family party with all kinds of yummy food and games for all ages.  It was a long but fun day for all of us. 

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! The girls make the most adorable little fairies, and Rachael's costume is really neat!