Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Few more photos from the Dells-Daddy and Minah

Minah loves the water and also loves to imitate what others are doing.

Blowing bubbles-she was really good at it.  She loves to practice when she gets in the bath tub.

Minah loves her Daddy.  She was so happy to be playing with him at the water park.

I love when I walk in the room, Minah runs to me with arms wide open saying, "Mama, Mama, Mama!"  She hugs, snuggles, and loves to give kisses.  Did I mention she blows kisses too and it is super cute?  She also still LOVES ice skating.  We saw skaters on the television last night and Minah ran over, stood directly in front of the television, pointed at it and started yelling to get our attention.  She watched them skate and tried her best to imitate their gestures and poses.

Minah is a Mommy's girl.....most of the time.   When we met Minah and during the first few weeks home, she was 100% a Daddy's girl.  She wasn't too sure about me.  Both of the girls took to Matt almost instantly and eventually figured out that Mommy was pretty fun too.  Minah loves her Daddy too and greets him the same way that she does me which is so sweet.  They read books, play with play dough, color, dance, and have a great time.  She really enjoyed having more Daddy time while we were in the Dells.  At night, she wanted both of us to lie next to her when she would fall asleep but during the day, she wanted her Daddy.  She now clearly says, "Daddy!" and today she went running over to him saying, "Dad.  Dad.  Dad!"  She wanted help putting her dolly in the little stroller and knew Daddy would know just how to help her. 

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