Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chloe is 4!!!!

The first picture we saw of our beautiful girl-her referral photo.  We believe this was taken around the time of her first birthday.

He second birthday party and her first birthday with us!

Chloe's 3rd birthday.  Can you tell she likes princesses?

Chloe's 4th birthday.  Grandma Ruth does such a nice job with her cakes!

This year she made 2 cakes.  Chloe insisted on sharing with Minah.  She kept saying, "The little one is for my sister!"  She can be such a sweetie.

Singing Happy Birthday

Getting ready to open gifts on her actual birthday.

Checking out the presents with Jacob

Her Pinkalicious cupcakes she took for her birthday treats at school

Her lemon cake with pink frosting Rachael and I made for her birthday-big hit!

Getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday"

Putting the candles on the cake

Ryan lighting them for the birthday girl

Singing Happy Birthday!

Making a wish!
Chloe's birthday was Monday.  She was over the moon excited.  She kept asking me which Princess dress she should wear and told me "Chinese noodles for dinner" because she is Chinese and insists that is why she likes "Chinese noodles".  They are her favorite right now.  Last weekend we had her birthday celebration.  Grandma made Chloe the Cinderella cake she wanted for her birthday.  There was extra cake left over and Grandma had a small Cinderella doll so she made 2 cakes.  Chloe insisted on sharing them with Minah-to the point that she wanted everyone to sing Happy Birthday to Minah too.  So, Matt lit the candle on the little cake......and Minah reached up like a little stealth and grabbed it!  Matt jumped right over and tried to grab Minah's hand.  Minah started crying.  I think she was just frightened from Daddy yelling and grabbing her hand but Matt insists that Minah put the candle out with her finger tips.  Luckily she didn't seem to get burned.  It will be awhile before we let Minah anywhere near a lit candle again.  Poor thing! 

It is hard to believe how much Chloe has changed in the last two and a half years.  She is an amazing, spunky, crazy-smart, funny little girl.  Happy Birthday Chloe!  We love you beyond measure!!!

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  1. Happy birthday to Chloe! What a fun birthday celebration. She's such a sweetie!