Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Carving Pumpkins before Halloween

Jacob scooping his pumpkin
Chloe carefully scooping hers too.

Ryan looks like he is really enjoying it.
Rachael carved one too.

Even Minah scooped her pumpkin.  Well....she tried!

Daddy helped her with the rest.

Look I got it!

Are we supposed it eat it?

This is super fun!

Ryan and his masterpiece

Chloe and her look-alike pumpkin.

Rachael and her Hello Kitty creation.

Jacob and his "scary" pumpkin.  Don't tell him it's pretty cute.

Minah wouldn't sit still to have her picture taken with her pumpkin.  She just loved playing in all of the insides.  Everyone had so much fun!

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