Sunday, October 10, 2010

Soccer Fun

Go get 'em Jacob!

I love watching sports!  I clap my hands and cheer on the team!

Hanging out with cousin Claudia.  Minah was wondering what everyone had in their mouths and why SHE didn't have one too!

Strolling along and having fun.

Queen of the world!

Dancing Princess

Woo hoo!

On Wednesday nights the girls and I watch Jacob's soccer team practice.  My nephew Dylan has soccer at the same time at another field so Claudia comes to over to play with the girls.  Luckily there is an open soccer field next to Jacob's so the girls run back and forth and explore.  Since it is getting dark earlier, I decided to practice taking silhouette shots with my camera.  I haven't done it before and I liked how they turned out.  The girls are such good sports about letting me take their picture.

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