Thursday, October 14, 2010

Outside Fun!

Chloe under our maple tree.  I just love the color it has in the fall!

Throwing leaves

Enjoying the beautiful weather

Doodling on the driveway.  Actually she was getting ready to add pink toenails to Jacob's monster.

Jacob trying really hard to make a leaf pile so he could jump in it.  We just don't have enough leaves yet.

Looking for ladybugs on the elm tree.

Sharing found treasure.

The little ones had fun playing outside on Monday.  The weather here has been beautiful-sunny and warm!  The leaves are turning and Jacob is ready to enjoy some fall fun-jumping in a leaf pile!  Unfortunately there just wasn't enough yet.  Instead they colored on the driveway and searched for bugs.  They found a lot of little ladybugs on the tree out front and that made for some fun.

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  1. That is such a striking tree! And beautiful kids, of course! :)