Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Photos from the Pumpkin Farm

Oh my....she is driving!

Filling up Minah's tractor.  Everyone wanted to help.

Chloe was excited that they had a PINK tractor!  Just perfect for her.

The top of the tractor tire mountain.  On the other side there is a slide that they take to back to the bottom.

Daddy, Minah, Grandma Ruth, and Grandpa Mark leading the way in the corn maze.

Our family-seems like we can never get everyone to smile, keep their eyes open, and look straight ahead at the same time.  LOL!

Uncle Mike, Abby, and Aunt Julie




Minah and the sheep-She kept trying to kiss them.  Cute but we really don't want her kissing livestock.

She is so gentle with animals.  She kept saying, "Awww!" and making kissing sounds.

My boys!

Chloe picking out her pumpkin.

Jacob picking out his too.

Minah couldn't make up her mind.  So many good ones this year!

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