Monday, October 18, 2010

Minah's First Haircut

Before we started

She starting giggling and playing with her hair before I started to cut it.

Ryan cracked out the bongos to keep her distracted.  Nothing like bongos to lighten the mood!

She is a very busy little girl so it was a work in progress.

Next Ryan got her a hand-held video game.  It didn't work but she sure tried to turn it on.  That kept her distracted for another minute.

Almost done!

Checking to make sure we didn't miss anything and that it was even.

All done and still trying to turn that thing on!

So pretty!

It was time.....Miss Minah needed her first haircut.  Her lovely locks were starting to get pretty tangly and straggly at the ends.  I had trimmed her bangs twice since we came home but I was waiting to snip the back for awhile.  I love her long hair and I think she does too.  She has this gorgeous thick, wavy hair.  I'm a bit envious actually (along with sister Chloe).  My philosophy on cutting my kid's hair is to make it as relaxed as possible when they are little.  That meant cutting hers in the kitchen.  She played and ran around as I chased her trying to make it as precise as possible.  Ryan helped me so much.  To keep her still for a few moments he got out the bongos and gave her a video game to play with.  He ran around after us snapping photos.  Thank goodness he was there to help.  I ended up cutting about 2 inches off the back to even it out.  She was such a good girl-a little wiggly but good!

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