Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I miss Korea....

I decided to start editing the photos from Korea this morning figuring I'd do a day at a time.  Seeing the pictures brings back so many wonderful memories.  I think I loved everything about Korea.  Even the flight was nice.  Now that is saying a lot.  I really, really don't like flying but the flights weren't bad-I'd even say I almost enjoyed them.  Seoul was beautiful.  The pictures above were the views from our hotel room right after we arrived.  We stayed at Fraser Place Central and it was more like an apartment vs a hotel.  The room was huge and amazing.  We had a little kitchenette, two bathrooms, a separate bedroom.  After our long flight we were so tired but it was too early to check-in.  The sweet woman at the desk suggested we go the second floor to sit in the lounge.  They gave us complimentary coffee and tea and even offered to let us freshen-up in their spa.  As we sat in the lounge reflecting on our travels and taking about how excited we were to be in Korea, the wonderful woman from the front desk appeared.  She had arranged for us to get in our room early and had the keys with her.  We immediately went up to our room.  When the door opened, we thought we had entered the wrong one by mistake.  They had put on soothing music and it was like walking into our own personal oasis.  After our luggage arrived, we laid down and slept for hours.  It was the beginning of a wonderful adventure and a trip of a lifetime.