Monday, October 4, 2010


This past weekend was Homecoming weekend.  Friday night my Mom and I took the kids to the football game.  The middle school band performed with the high school during pre-game.  It was fun to watch both Rachael and Ryan in the marching band!  Jacob really enjoys the football games and was frustrated the concession line was so long (Chloe needed nachos) and he couldn't watch more of the game.  The little ones (Jacob, Chloe, and Minah) were very good too.  The weather was perfect.  This time of year it seems like you never know what it will be like-cold, rainy, warm, windy. 
Saturday morning we went to the parade.  The weather had certainly changed-very cold!  Rachael marched with the band and Ryan walked with the cross country team.  The little ones came home with so much candy!  Afterwards Ryan ran in his "Red and White Run" for cross country.  The team competes against itself and awards trophies for the top 7th grade and 8th grade runners.  He did really well and came in 9th place for the middle school team.  He has worked so hard this season and really loves running.
After I got home from Ryan's race I had so much fun getting Rachael ready for the dance.  It seems like in years past that she didn't want me to help her and we would both end up frustrated by the time she was ready to leave.  This time I think we were both more relaxed.  I decided before we started that Saturday was about her~not what I wanted for her.  I'm not crazy about the black hair on her but if that is the least of our disagreements, I guess we're doing pretty good.  She likes to tease her hair everyday and make it very big.  I have offered to show her how to tease it without making it look like a crazy mess.  Until Saturday she didn't want my help.  It was fun showing her how to do it correctly and I think she actually listened.  She even said she liked her make-up when I was done.  Now that is HUGE!  Pretty much all Rachael will wear is heavy black eyeliner.  It drives me a little crazy because she has the most beautiful hazel eyes and they just get lost behind it all.  By the time we arrived at her friend's house for photos, she was bragging to them and it made me feel so good.  She said, "My Mom is awesome!" and "She has this really cool comb in the salon that makes teasing your hair so much easier!"  She even said, "You have got to try this lip stain my Mom got.  It looks awesome!"  I know that doesn't sound like that big of a deal but it is to me. 
Rachael went to the dance with a group of friends.  They are such nice kids.  When I arrived at her friend Priscilla's house to take photos of them before the dance, I was a little surprised.  None of the girls were ready!  They were all still talking about how they wanted to do their hair and make-up so I asked if they needed some help.  That's when Rachael said, " Mom is pretty awesome."  So I ended up curling hair for two of the girls while the rest did their hair and make-up.  After about an hour they were all ready and we had some fun taking photos~although it was very chilly!
All-in-all I think Rachael had a really fun time-and so did I.  :)

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  1. Rachel looks so pretty! I can tell it meant a lot to you that she liked her hair and make-up. And she definitely must have if she told her friends how awesome you are! I was happy to read this. :)