Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Annual Fall Photos

Each year I take the kids to an outside location and shoot photos.  I enjoy this so much but it is a bit stressful getting them all there and posed.  This year I went after school last Thursday to a park near our home.  This park is perfect for photos and a favorite of many of the local professional photographers.  I think I probably shot several hundred photos.  The kids did spectacular and I was so proud of them.  I felt so good about our pictures.  When we got home, I popped the SD card in the computer and.....nothing.....no pictures.  The computer wouldn't recognize the card.  I put it back in the camera and....nothing except an error message saying the card was bad.  I put it in the printer....nothing.  Matt tired and tried to fix it for me that night without luck.  To top it off, I had taken a lot of pictures of Minah that morning in her Halloween t-shirt being that this is her first Halloween she will be with us.  Yep, lost those too.  I'll admit, there were a few tears shed by me out of pure frustration with the situation. 
So, Saturday bright and early we went back to the park.  We had to go over at 7:30am to make sure we could get Rachael to the high school before she needed to leave for her band competition at 9am.  It was so chilly!  You can see Jacob and Chloe were none too happy.  I'm a little proud of Matt and I that we got the kids up, fed, dressed for pictures and at the park so early.  They were good sports about it too.  We rewarded them with some doughnuts afterwards too. 
I realized when I got home that I didn't have that many pictures of Chloe and Minah so after their afternoon naps I took them over to the forest preserve by my house and took more pictures.  They came out really nice.  Minah is always in motion-exploring things and is very independent.  Taking her picture can get tricky.  When she is unsure of her surroundings, she doesn't smile much but once she gets comfortable she is on the move!  I took so many pictures that I will try and post some each day this week.   :)

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