Thursday, September 2, 2010

Water Fun!

How cold is it Granny?
Well...if Minah's getting wet I should too!
Whoa!  Hose water is really chilly!
I don't care.  I just love to play in the water!!!
Jacob loves his cookie dough ice cream with sprinkles.  Granny is the best!
Chloe couldn't wait to have her chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream with sprinkles too!

Last Sunday we went to Granny's house to enjoy swimming in her pool.  There are only a few more weekends left before it will be too cold to swim and the pool is closed.  Jacob has become quite the fish this summer and Chloe thinks the is a mermaid.  Both of them are swimming without floaters, diving down to the bottom of the pool, doing somersaults in the water, and performing crazy jumps into the pool.  Minah just loves watching them and just laughs at their antics.  This last weekend we got Minah to sit in the baby floater for the pool.  She really enjoyed floating around the pool but wanted Mommy or Granny right there with her.  It was a perfect day for swimming-sunny and hot!  I'm so glad we got to enjoy it.

Afterwards the girls wanted to play at the water table (a small outdoor coffee table with plastic dishes).  Minah just loves playing in the hose water.  It is so cold but she loves running through it.  She laughs and giggles the entire time.  I can tell she is cold because she will shiver but when we take her out she shouts her displeasure so we know she still wants to play.

Granny always makes a day special for the kids.  Chloe loves avocados and Granny has been making her guacamole all summer.  On Sunday, Minah decided she wanted some too.  Sometimes she will eat it and other times she refuses.  On this day, she wanted it and was eating it by the spoonful!  Chloe and Jacob wanted to finish the afternoon with ice cream sundaes.  Quite the mix-guacamole and ice cream but the kids don't care.  Granny has all of the good ice cream toppings-sprinkles, caramel sauce, and chocolate sauce.  They just gobble them up.  Minah still isn't very fond of sweet foods but she does want to do whatever the big kids are doing.  After the spoon of ice cream touches her lips, she is done.  She doesn't really want to eat it but enjoys looking like the big kids with their treats.

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