Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Riverwalk

Sisterly love
Yummy apples!
My cutie

Last Friday I had wanted to take the girls to Matt's place of employment to take some pictures.  They have beautiful grounds with lots of native plants, streams, waterfalls, etc.  When the girls and I got there, we found out that we need permission from corporate to take photos.  Since we had already planned on meeting Daddy for lunch, we decided to go to the Riverwalk and eat our snacks.  The girls enjoyed some apples we got last weekend from the apple orchard and I got to snap some pictures.  Minah was getting tired and not really in the mood but Chloe was all for it.  I did get a few of Minah but she had more fun running around.  Most of my photos of her she was charging off somewhere.  She had so much fun posing, twirling, and exploring.  Afterwards we went over to the Front Street Cantina and enjoyed some yummy Mexican food with Daddy. 

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