Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jacob lost his First Tooth!

Woo Hoo!  The Tooth Fairy is coming!!!
Grinning ear to ear!
Even with a missing tooth he has a cute smile!
Here is our before picture.  Look at how loose that tooth is!

Jacob mentioned he had a loose tooth about a week and a half ago and he wanted it out.  He asked Daddy to pull it but it wasn't ready.  This surprised me a great deal.  I mean, this isn't the first loose tooth in our house.  Rachael would wiggle them but didn't want anyone to touch them.  Basically they almost fell out by themselves.  Ryan didn't loose his first tooth until 2nd grade.  Those buggers just didn't want to come out.  The dentist even did an x-ray to make sure he had permanent teeth.  When they did get loose, he didn't want them to fall out.  He figured that if he kept them in longer, they would be worth more to the tooth fairy.  It took a lot of convincing on my part that he wasn't going to get interest on the teeth.  I'm hoping he keeps those saving and money management skills for a lifetime!

So, last Friday night I looked at Jacob and I could see his bottom tooth looked different from the rest.  I asked him if it was loose and he said, "Yeah!  Now it wiggles side to side and not just back and forth!"  Daddy overheard our conversation and asked if he wanted it pulled.  I expected a big fat "No!" from Jacob and maybe a few tears from the anxiety of it all.  Surprisingly he said yes.  I quickly grabbed the camera to take a before photo.  I turned around to grab something and it was out.  Jacob started yelling with joy-seriously!  He ran to the bathroom and started cheering.  There wasn't even a drop of blood because it was so loose.  That night he put the tooth in Ryan's Tooth Fairy pillow which he hung on his bedroom door knob.  In the morning he checked and found his treasure.  He was so funny about the whole thing and super cute!

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  1. Yay for Jacob! That's such an exciting milestone for kids! Ben literally LOST his first tooth - it came out in the car, he didn't tell me, he was holding it and dropped it while he was getting out. We scoured the car but never found it. There was snow on the ground so my guess is he dropped it in the snow.