Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hometown Days

Taking it all in....
Jacob and Chloe loved this little roller coaster.
Chloe said it was her favorite because it was a "Chinese Dragon".
Scary thought....these two driving!
Granny was such a good sport about helping them on the slide.
Chloe loved the ferris wheel but Jacob wasn't thrilled.
Chloe wanted to do everything.  She could have cared less that she was riding this alone!

Last Saturday afternoon after we went apple picking we headed over to our local Hometown Days.  This was our first time attending and the kids had a great time.  Ryan and Rachael each met up with their friends and we had the little ones.  Shortly after we got there we found Granny and my sister-in-law Julie and my niece Abbigail.  Jacob and Chloe went through a fun house, rode the dragon roller coaster, huge slide, and a ferris wheel.  Jacob got to ride the bumper cars but Chloe was still too little.  Jacob didn't really want to ride on the spinning monkeys but Chloe was all for it.  Afterwards we watched my brother's band play.  The kids loved it and were so excited to see Uncle Mike play the drums.  They have never seen him play before so this made the day extra special.  By the end of the evening (well 6:00 pm) the kids were wiped out.  Chloe fell asleep in the stroller on the way to the car and slept all night!  It was such a great day.

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