Monday, September 20, 2010

Day at the Zoo

Hanging out Kangaroo style!
Jacob's #1 thing he wanted to do at the zoo-see the zebras!
Our gang!
Grandpa Mark and Minah hanging out at Stingray Bay.
Minah and Dylan trying to pet the stingrays.
Grandpa Mark trying to demonstrate how to feed the stingrays.
My two sons named Ryan.  Actually that is Ryan's best friend Ryan.

Last Wednesday there wasn't any school due to a teacher institute.  The weather was perfect so we headed to the zoo with Grandpa Mark, Grandma Ruth, Aunt Dee Dee, cousins Claudia, Dylan, and Scarlett.  We couldn't have had a better day.  The zoo was not busy.  The animals were active.  The weather was amazing and the kids were so good.  We saw so many animals.  The kids loved seeing the dolphin show.  This time Minah really interacted more.  She wanted to stand in front of me and watch.  We only got splashed a little but the rest of our group got a good soaking.  The kids loved going to Stingray Bay and petting them.  We happened to be there during feeding time and everyone said they wanted to try it.  Of course only Ryan and Ryan were the only kids to actually do it.  Everyone else backed out and Grandpa had to feed them. 

It was such a fun day.  Hopefully we can go one more time before it gets too cold!

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