Thursday, September 16, 2010

Corn on the Cob

Minah has come a long way since we came home three months ago.  She clearly expresses her desire for independence and lets us know what she wants and does not want.  Now, she wants to be like the big kids.  On Sunday I stopped at the grocery store to get some things.  They had some fresh sweet corn so I picked some up for dinner.  In the afternoon Matt took the ears out so he could shuck them with Jacob.  Miss Minah followed and Matt thought she wanted to help.  He handed her an unshucked ear and she tried to eat it!  She isn't the kind of kid that puts everything in her mouth but she must have remembered them from last month that we eat corn that comes that way.  When she saw the cooked ears on the dinner table she pointed, yelled, and almost cried because she wanted them so bad.  She didn't want to wait for them to cool down.  Daddy cut one in half and gave it to Minah.  She worked on it for a long time and ate quite a bit of corn off the cob.  I thought she was done so I wiped her off and took her out of her high chair.  As I was lifting her out, she reached back and grabbed the cob.  Before I knew it she was in the living room munching on it again.  Of course, that isn't where we eat so I had to take it away.  She had a "throw herself on the floor and scream" temper tantrum because she was so angry.  Again, she clearly expresses herself now.  So, we were back in the high chair working on the ear of corn for awhile longer. 

What is it with kids and corn on the cob anyway?  When I cook corn that has been taken off the cob already they turn their noses up at it but when it is on an ear still they can't wait to eat it!  It tastes the same but I guess it just isn't as fun.

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  1. Joel is like that, too! He won't eat corn if it's not on the cob. Silly kids! :)

    I love that picture. So cute!