Monday, September 6, 2010

Apple Picking

Saturday we went to a local apple orchard with our adoption playgroup.  Matt, Jacob, Minah and I went and had a wonderful time.  Ryan had cross country practice.  Chloe wanted to stay at Granny's house and Rachael decided she will go next month with us.  We met our group about 10am and rode together on a hayride to the apple orchard.  It was so much fun.  The weather had turned a bit cooler and it was windy but overall the day was beautiful.  They had several varieties available for picking and they recommend that you sample them before filling your bag.  Jacob is my little apple man.  He would eat apples all day everyday if I let him.  Minah hasn't shown an interest in apples but we knew she would still enjoy spending time with her friends.  She surprised us and loved eating the apples.  I should have known that she would eat the apples-if she could hold and bite them like everyone else.  She doesn't like the skin and the jonamac apples are very small and the perfect size for her to hold.  She proudly walked around the apple trees munching on her piece of fruit.  I made sure to watch her closely so that she didn't take too big of a bite or pick up a piece of fruit off the ground.  She did really good!

Afterwards we took the hayride back to the general store at the orchard.  Jacob had fun sampling the popcorn, carmel apples, homemade fudge, different varieties of apples that are not available at the U-pick part, and of course the apple cider doughnuts.  You see, Ryan was fine not going to the orchard but he had to have his doughnuts.  They have the most amazing doughnuts there.  They are fresh and still warm.  We brought home 4 dozen-1 for Matt's co-workers, 1 for Granny, 1 for us, and 1 for Ryan!  By this time everyone was getting a bit tired so we headed home.  We took out a few doughnuts to munch on the drive home and said good-bye to our friends.  We started coming to this apple orchard last fall and had such a wonderful time.  We look forward to doing it again every year!

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  1. We are so jealous! It looks nice and cool there, today was 106! Yuck! It's Sept! I love the pictures you took at the orchard. The kids looked like they had a good time.