Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Amazing Day.....

Minah at 4 months old (left) and Minah last Friday (right).

Today is Matt and my 7th wedding anniversary.  On this amazing day, in front of our families we were united in marriage.  The sun was setting on a beautiful beach in Hawaii as I stood before my best friend.  We promised to love, cherish, and be there for each other forever and always.  It was the beginning of so many blessed things that day.  Not only did I marry my best friend, but we began the most amazing journey. 

Another special thing about today is that one year ago we saw Minah's referral for the first time.  I thought to myself when the social worker from the adoption agency emailed me at 7:30am that it was not coincidence she was contacting us on September 29th asking if we were still interested in seeing the file of a little girl in Korea.  When I opened up the email attachment from Children's Home Society and Family Services the little face above was smiling back at me.  Honestly, I started to cry because she was so beautiful.  I thought to myself, "I hope I am looking into that smiling face for the rest of my life!"  Thank goodness Matt agreed because both of us cannot imagine our lives without her-or any of our children.  Sometimes the path that is not clear or well traveled is the one that leads us to the most amazing things.

In the last 7 years our lives have changed so much. Our family grew to 5 children during that time. We traveled to Disney World (twice), China and Korea. Our lives are full of soccer games, cross country meets, preschool events, family functions, and much more. Matt is truly my partner in every aspect of our lives. I couldn't have asked for nor imagined a better husband and father for our children. I sincerely think they broke the mold when they made him.  I have a feeling our adventure has just begun t. I cannot wait to see what wonderful things our future holds because each year it only gets better and better.

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