Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School

Ryan leaving for school
I can't believe he is in Middle School!
Jacob was all decked out in his Clone Wars shirt and backpack.
Wow!  He can't possibly be in First Grade.  Where did the time go?
Chloe wasn't too sure about her big brother Jacob leaving for school.
At least she clearly shows her frustration.
Minah was happy to be outside in the beautiful weather.
She is always so happy!
Chloe wanted to give some hugs but Minah wasn't too sure about it.
Little girls with big shadows.


Today is the first day of school for my big kids.  I didn't get any pictures of Rachael before she left.  I guess my brain wasn't working that early.  I'll have to take a few when she gets home.  Luckily I remembered before Ryan left and I snapped a few of him.  It's hard to think they are both on the bus before 7am.  Jacob was so excited to be going to school all day.  I made sure to mark on his hand his bus number so he wouldn't forget after school.  I'm sure the teachers make sure they get on the right one, but better to be safe than sorry!  I think the little girls miss their older siblings already and it is only 9am.  Another school year is here and summer is fading away.  It's a tad bit bittersweet.  I look forward to the routines but we will all miss our carefree summer!

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