Thursday, August 12, 2010

Look who's in the ergo!

Okay, don't look at the crazy hair, but who is in the ergo!  While we were waiting to travel to Korea to bring Minah home, I researched carriers.  We knew from Minah's referral that she liked to be carried on her foster mother's back.  So I decided I wanted an ergo carrier based on recommendations.  They hold kids up to 40 pounds and can be used as a front or back carrier.  I found a great deal on a gently used one and it is super easy to use.  Of course, Miss Minah doesn't want ME to carry her in it-only her Daddy.  I was able to use it the first 24 hours in Korea but since it has become Daddy's ergo.  I keep trying but not much success so far.  Don't get me wrong, she is still such a super easy baby.  She just doesn't want to be strapped to Mommy.  This day Chloe wanted to be carried in it.  He hauled them all over the house until Chloe tired of it.  Minah wasn't too sure if she liked that someone else was in her carrier.  Daddy is so good to his girls!

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  1. What a sweet Daddy! Those pictures are adorable. Joel hates the Beco now--he'd much rather be down and running!