Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Boys and Summer Swim Team

I think Jacob is almost always smiling!  I joke with him that in order to swim on the swim team, he has to put his face in the water and stop giving a toothy grin to everyone!
He looks like he is going to break out in dance at any given moment.  LOL!

It was a tough race but tons of fun! 
Ryan doing the breast stroke
He is very determined!
Free style!

This summer both of the boys did summer swim team.  This was Jacob's first summer doing competition and he really enjoyed it.  Since the boys share a room, it's hard for Jacob not to size things up.  He quickly noticed that Ryan had a huge amount of ribbons from his previous years of swimming and Jacob couldn't wait to start his collection!  Fortunately, he did get quite a few this summer.  Each one is proudly hanging on his peg board.  I was so proud of both of them.  They showed not only great determination but superior sportsmanship.  When I watched Ryan shake the hand of the boy next to him after a very close race, I actually got a bit teary.  They both make me so proud!

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  1. Aawww, that's great to see them working hard and being great sports! :)