Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baptism Photos Part 1

We baptised Jacob, Chloe, and Minah at our church on August 8th.  I decided to do a little photo session the week before so I'd have more time and patience.  The kids were so cooperative.  We went over to my Mom's house and took the photos in her backyard.  I cut off a few daisies at the last minute so the kids could hold them.

Before we brought Minah home I found the girl's dresses.  I'm so glad they still fit!  They were actually Easter dresses and when I saw them I thought they would be perfect.  It was difficult to get Chloe to not wear it.  She LOVES dresses!  Jacob's suit was actually the one that Ryan wore when Matt and I got married.  (I was so excited that it fit him.  It was just another thing that made it more special to us.)  Matt was great with helping me with Minah too.  At one point, he was laying on the ground and she was sitting on his stomach.  It was a little crazy but all-in-all I love the photos. 

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  1. Those turned out great! They are beautiful. Good idea to take them before the actual day.