Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baptism Party Photos

This was part of the desert table.  Rachael and I dipped fortune cookies and marshmellows.  We had tons of candies and cute Chinese take-out boxes that people used to take home sweets.  I picked up rice cakes at HMart too. I knew they would do a much better job than me.
Here area few more of the sweets-cake balls that we made, homemade rice krispie sushi, and yummy Korean candies!
Grandma Ruth made all of the cakes.  She did 3 different varieties.  She does such a great job!
Chloe's cake has her name in Chinese characters.  Wow Grandma!
Minah's cake has her name in Hangul!
We rented a bounce house for the weekend.  Boy did it get used!
Rachael spent a lot of time in there with Minah.  She is such a great big sister!
Minah actually cried when we made her stop jumping.  She loved it.

The baptism party was wonderful.  I did a combination of American, Chinese, and Korean food to celebrate each of their birth cultures.  I made bulgogi, a Korean cucumber salad, and had kimchee and red pepper paste available for our guests.  Grandma Ruth made sloppy joes and we had hot dogs for the kids.  Grandpa Bob drove to a factory in Freeport to pick up potato chips.  He brought back the biggest bag of chips I've ever seen!  I made a taco salad.  We tried to use as many vegetables as we could from the garden and fresh fruit grown locally for the fruit/vegetable trays.  Matt went after church and picked up our platters of fried rice and lo mein noodles.  It was all so good! 

Rachael and I spent the week making the deserts.  It was our first attempt at cake balls.  They were a big hit and gone long before the party was over.  Matt helped me with the rice krispie sushi.  I was losing patience cutting through the fruit roll-ups.  Luckily he is Mr. 120/80 and saved my desert.  Rachael did a great job hand dipping the marshmallows and adding the candy treats.  All-in-all I think the desert table turned out really good.

Grandma Ruth made each of the kid's cakes.  She did a different kind of cake for each Grandchild.  To make them more special, she put Chloe's Chinese name on her cake and Minah's name in Hangul.  She takes such time and care in the cakes she bakes.  You can sure tell because they are so yummy and beautiful!

We knew we would have a lot of kids come to the party so we rented the biggest bounce house we could find.  It even had a slide and basketball hoop in it.  Since the party was on Sunday they said they would deliver it on Saturday and pick it up Monday.  Yeah!!!  Well, they called on Friday morning and asked if they could drop it off early-Friday afternoon!  We had the jumper for the entire weekend.  A bounce house is like a kid magnet and we had pretty much every kid in the neighborhood over.  As Matt was blowing it up, Jacob's arms went up in the and a smile could be seen for miles.  Priceless!  Even Minah loved it.  Every time we took her out, she would get upset and fuss.  I think she would have been in there all day if we had let her.

I don't know what we would have done without help from my Mom that weekend too.  Friday night she watched the kids and kept the older ones overnight so we could start getting ready for the party.  She helped all day Saturday too by babysitting them.  I never would have been able to get everything done without all of the help.

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family!


  1. Wow--what a great party! Your food sounds delicious and I LOVE those rice krispie sushi treats! What a yummy dessert table. :)

  2. Wow! The food looks amazing! I wish Dave and I lived closer!

    God Bless Jacob, Chloe and Minah.