Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sign Language

Minah doing Nanta with Ryan's drum pad.
Chloe helping Minah with Nanta

When we met with Minah and her foster mother for the first time her foster mother told us she has several signals that she does to show she wants/needs something.  She has a certain one for music and she has some actions that she does to let you know she is tired.  We have figured out that they may have taught her some sign language.  She seems to do the signs for more, milk, tired, and another we haven't figured out.  She touches the palm of her hand with her index finger.  It is very clear but we aren't sure what it means.  She did "more" and "milk" together two nights ago when she wanted Matt to give her a bottle in the middle of the night.  She claps when you figure out what she wants.  It is so cute!

Overall things are going pretty well.  She is an easy going baby.  She is sleeping pretty well at night.  Her little body is still confused with the time change though.  I had a hard time keeping her up yesterday.  I'm just starting to feel like a human being myself.  I can't imagine how she is feeling.  I was just in Korea for a week and she has lived there her entire life.  She is eating more solid foods for us.  She ate eggs and banana for me.  There is a black soybean cracker her foster mother sent.  I think she has eaten about 10 of those this morning.  It has been wonderful seeing her start to get more comfortable with us.  Today she didn't cry when Daddy left for work and she even cuddled with me last night during the night.  Although I don't know if she knew that it was me on that side of the bed.  I'll take it regardless.  :)


  1. Beth,

    I love to hear how well Minah is doing. Those are some adorable pictures of the girls and it sounds like Minah is so smart with her sign language. Hope you start to feel human again soon. Jet lag is tough. Are you going to be a SAHM mom?

  2. I love that Minah claps when you figure out what she means! I'm glad things are still going well--that jet lag takes awhile to get over!

  3. The photos are wonderful!

    I think it is wonderful Minah is using sign language to communicate. Maybe she is saying she wants up? Or she wants to watch ice skating? ha! I hope you guys figure it out soon either way. And please let us know what it means???

    And I am really happy to hear things are overall going well.

  4. Great to see Minah in her new home! That's amazing that she slept so much of the flight home. Did you get some sleep then too? I'm not looking forward to the jetlag.

    I'm sure it won't be long before Minah realizes that you're her forever mama and will love you as much as she loves Matt.

    Can't wait to meet her someday....

  5. Beth,

    I'm so happy for all of you! Minah is such a pretty little girl who seems to fit perfectly in your family. I can't wait to stop by and meet her! How sweet that she loves Sophie! Aw . . .