Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Seoul Tower

The drum-like stone creations.

Beautiful pagoda
The Seoul Tower
Thousands of locks at the base of the tower.  People put them here for luck.
Another view of one section of the locks.
The wire man flying overhead.

Amazing view from the tower.

Last night we decided to venture over to the Seoul Tower.  It was just a short taxi ride to the cable car/walking area.  Now for those of you that don't know, I am scared of heights.  I really wanted to see the tower and the views so I decided to brave itWe got there and decided to take the cable car.  It was pretty cool to take the trek up the mountain and the views were amazing.  When we got to the top, you take a short walk up some stairs.  The entire time you are surrounded by trees and vegetation.  Towards the top there was a contrast of both old and new-a pagoda, old stone walls, and drum-like stone creations vs. the modern tower, wire men above, and the locks everywhere along the fence.  It was truly a sight.  You could see all of Seoul from just the bottom of the tower.  We ate at one of the restaurants there before deciding to head up.  After we purchased our tickets, we took the elevator to the top.  It was amazing to see Seoul for 360 degrees.  Each window in the tower had what city was in that direction and how many kilometers it was away.  We found Shanghai, Beijing, North Pole, and Chicago!  As the sun set, the city came alive with lights.  It was a unique experience and I am so glad we did it.


  1. Great photos! We loved the windows with how far away cities were in each direction. It's a neat place to visit--glad you did even with your fear of heights!

  2. Glad you found something fun to do while waiting for Thursday. The views look AMAZING!!

  3. So much fun! I am scared of heights too Beth. YIKES!

    I was just about to say "where is Minah". But I figured it out, you must have to wait until Thursday. Can't wait to see her sweet face again. She is adorable!!! :)