Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Princess is with Us!

Minah and her foster mother
Minah's foster parents trying to keep our busy girl in one place.
Minah and her foster father
Minah, her foster mother, our social worker, and her foster father
All of us
Minah and Daddy reading a book in the taxi
She loves books
Smiley girl
Not too sure about Mommy
Finally fell asleep in Daddy's lap

Matt and I arrived about 15 minutes before our scheduled time this afternoon.  When we got up to the 7th floor we decided to sit down and wait until our appointment time.  Suddenly Minah and her foster mother walked out of the office and noticed us.  Her foster mother and Minah started smiling and waving at us.  She then motioned for us to go in the office.  Minah had just had her pre-flight physical.  We went in and there were several foster mothers and their babies waiting for their check-ups.  It was cute seeing the little babies!  We then were motioned into the next room.  When we got in there the woman from SWS gave us several gifts-a beautiful jewelry box, a necklace with a Korean flag on one side, Minah's name in Hangul and her birth date on the other, a Korean flag, and a CD of Korean lullabies.  We were also given 2 cans of formula, diapers, wipes, and bottles.  Minah's foster parents also gave us a bag full of her favorite snacks, a book on Korean culture, a puzzle of Korea, a framed photo of Minah's 100 day, 2 CDs of pictures, letters SWS will translate and send to our agency who will then send them to us, several outfits that she wore on special occasions, and much more.  They were all so generous.

We filled out a bit of paperwork and were given her pre-flight information.  Basically it was a summary of her schedule and habits.  We asked a few more questions and it was time to go.  The social worker called us a cab, told the foster mother and us to go to the elevator to say our good-byes.  I had been struggling staying composed most of the meeting.  I didn't want to upset Minah by crying but I couldn't hold it in any longer.  Luckily Minah's foster mother waited a few minutes to come to the elevator and she was still holding Minah.  I cried for a a minute or so with my back turned to everyone.  It was hard when her foster mother came out.  She was now crying, said her goodbyes to Minah, and gave her to Matt.  The elevator doors opened and I hugged her before we got into it.  Most of the way down and to the taxi I cried too.  It was just such an emotional experience.  The taxi was waiting and we got into it.  Minah was good during this time.  She was really tired though and shortly figured out Omma wasn't coming with us.  She screamed and cried for about 10 minutes before Matt (the baby whisperer) calmed her down.  He held her in his arms and whispered to her until she fell asleep.  When we got to the hotel she woke up and wasn't too pleased to still be with us.  She doesn't like our hotel room and won't play with the toys.  She does like to be outside so we spent most of the evening outside walking up and down the nearby streets.  She likes to look up at the canopies of the trees overhead.  While we were eating dinner (Papa Johns delivery) we did get to see a glimpse of her cute personality.  She wanted a few bites of pizza so we gave her a bit.  I asked her if she had any in her mouth and opened mine and said, "Ahhhhh..." and she repeated it.  Now it is our game.  I pointed to my nose and said nose, pointed to her nose and said it again, and Matt's nose.  She now likes to point to noses and will sometimes do it if you ask her to.  She is a very smart little girl!  She has been grieving pretty hard here in the room.  It is heartbreaking to see her so upset.  I finally got her to sleep about 10:00 by putting her in my ergo on my back and watching Playhouse Disney.  She is overall pretty happy in the carrier.  She even cuddles a bit and likes to rub my arms or hold my hands.  She seems to like affection which is good and she will let me comfort her.  Hopefully she does well tonight and tomorrow we leave for home. 


  1. Congratulations!!!!!! Couldn't be happier for you!
    Mina is such a little beauty. You are all so very blessed!

  2. Thinking of you all. Have a safe trip home. She is a beauty.

  3. She is just so beautiful!!! How wonderful that you have spent time with her foster family and getting to know your little princess! Have a safe trip home!!

  4. Congratulations on your family day! It is such a bittersweet day, isn't it? Minah seems like such a smart, happy little girl. Hopefully she will do well on the flight home and with all of her new family!

  5. Hey Beth, Sofia did not have to stay overnight after her operation so I came home and checked your blog.

    Such a wonderful and bittersweet day. So wonderful that Minah has a new family that loves her and can take care of her forever but I can imagine so bittersweet for her foster family. Sorry your day was so emotional and I pray that Minah's heart feels better soon and does not have to grieve much longer. I hope you can keep in touch with her foster parents. I have to tell you I just about cried when I saw the 5th picture you posted. The joy, the love, the sadness, the tears in everyone's eyes including her foster father. I am very happy for you and Matt that Minah is finally yours. You guys have worked so hard to bring her home. I am thinking of you and your family today.


  6. By the way, those last pics are so beautifully sweet. She really is a princess. :)

  7. Congratulations Beth and Matt!! Your pictures convey a bittersweet day filled with such emotion and my heart goes out to you all.

    Wishing you well as you get to know each other and hoping your sweet princess does well on the plane ride. Have a safe trip home!

    Hugs to all of you ... Debra

  8. Congratulations on your family day! The pictures are wonderful and Minah is so blessed with all the love she has received and will receive with your family. (I was in tears just reading it, I can't imagine how you got through the day.) We hope you have a safe (and uneventful) trip home and we can't wait to meet the newest Johnson Princess.

  9. By now you should be home. How was she with the meeting of her new family? I'm sure they are totally in love with her. She has the cutest smile! Hope your jetlag isn't too bad and you can enjoy your first days home with Princess Minah!

  10. Wow, I'm just in awe. I'm so happy for you all, so happy it all went so well and hope you had a good flight now. Thinking of you lots, Mellissa

  11. Congratulations Beth, Matt and Family! We are so happy for you.

    She is absolutely beautiful!

    Congrats again,
    Amber and Dave