Monday, June 28, 2010

The Princess and the Patience Points

Princess Chloe.....oh where to start.  She is a spunky, scary smart little girl.  Recently she was laying in bed with me crying her eyes out.  Why you ask?  Because in her words between the tears, "Why am I not famous?  Why am I not a celebrity?"  Huh???  Honey, your 3 years old.  Where did that one come from?  I tried to lighten the mood for her and explained that she doesn't want to be a celebrity because the paparazzi would follow her everywhere taking her picture and that would annoy her.  She is super smart and a little naughty sometimes.

Yesterday Matt took the kids over to his Grandmother's house.  On the way home our deep thinker Jacob said, "Daddy, what does God do to make people not want to fight?"  Hmmmm......tough one buddy.  Matt explained that God gives you patience.  Well Chloe chirped in very matter of fact, "My patience fell out of the airplane on the way over from China.  I like to FIGHT!  I'm going to punch you Jacob!"  What???!!!  Where did that come from?  She told me the same story after she got out of the bathtub last night too.  I  tried to explain that patience wasn't something you only get once and if you've lost it wasn't gone forever.  So, my solution was to tell her you get Patience Points each day.  They are sticky so they won't fall off easy either.  Since she still wanted to brutalize her brother before bed I told her she still had 2 Patience Points left for the day.  It worked!  She teased Jacob that she still had 2 Patience Points and he didn't but she didn't turn into fists of fury.  I think this will be our mission for the week-help Chloe to have more patience and work through her frustrations differently.  Wish me luck!

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