Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Photo from Minah's Tol (First Birthday Party)

As we were getting ready to leave SWS, Minah's case worker gave us this wonderful photo.  It is from her first birthday.  Since I don't have a scanner here, I just took a photograph of it.  The actual photo is even more beautiful.  She is wearing her hanbok the foster mother gave us.  It is the traditional Korean dress that baby girl's wear on their first birthday and special occasions.  At a Tol (first birthday party) several items are placed in front of the baby for them to pick one.  They are string, books, brushes (like a paint brush), ink, and money.  Which ever one they choose is supposed to foretell their future.  She chose money.  That means she should be a wealthy woman! 


  1. Beth,

    What an absolutely wonderful gift to receive this beautiful picture. Minah is adorable and I can't wait to see her in your arms. Thanks for posting this. :)


  2. That is such a beautiful photo!! Minah is so precious, and what a special gift for all of you to have.