Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My thoughts on today...

This morning we slept in remarkably.  Guess walking about 10 miles all around Seoul wore us out.  Today, we got up and went down to breakfast.  Afterwards we went to the Lotte Mart by the train station.  It was about a 10 minute walk-not bad.  I wish we had found it sooner.  They had a decent selection of Pororo toys and we wanted to get some for Minah.  We also picked up 2 laminated posters.  One was of Seoul and the other was the alphabet in Korean and English.  Very cute!  They had a bookstore, food, etc.  It was similar to a Super Walmart/Super Target.  We just haven't been able to find Princess Chloe the "circle" and "heart" dresses she wants as a souvenir.  Ugghh....

On our way home I scoped out the florist.  They didn't have a bouquet like I wanted for Minah's foster mother but they did have a smaller arrangement in a ceramic bowl I think I will get for her.  I want to give her something so she doesn't leave with empty arms. thoughts on this afternoon.  I am struggling with my emotions.  Minah's foster mother loves her so much.  I know her heart is breaking.  I cannot even imagine what she is feeling right now.  It is easy to tell yourself when you are waiting that these foster mothers know what will happen-that they know all along that the children will eventually leave to be with their forever families.  Somehow during the wait that makes it easier for families.  When you see the love they have for the children they have raised as their own (in Minah's case for a year) and see for yourself how they struggle to say good-bye, well this is one of the most difficult things I have done in my life.  I want to say or do something to help Minah's foster mother but I know that nothing I do will make today easier.  My hope is that she continues to foster more children when she is ready.  That today doesn't cause her so much heartache that she doesn't want to do it again.  I can see for myself how wonderfully she took care of Minah and the great start she has given her. 

I hope today isn't too traumatic for Minah as well.  We are strangers to her even though she is not to us.  We will be taking her away from everything she has known her entire life-her culture, her language, and her family.  She doesn't understand we are her forever family.  She has sisters, brothers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins waiting to meet her.  She has neighbors that want to play with her.  We know what she will be given but at the same time we know what she is losing.  Today, one chapter closes and another begins....


  1. Very well said. The foster families are amazing to me. I can't imagine doing what they do over and over. They are such special people!

  2. So bittersweet Beth. I love that you wanted to have flowers for her so that her arms and hands weren't empty.

    Thinking of you,