Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Minah's a Daddy's Girl and First Swim!

A week ago Saturday we went over to Granny's house for a fun filled day in the sun.  Great Grandma Ruth, Uncle Mike, Aunt Julie, and cousin Abigail joined us too.  For awhile Minah watched the kids splash in the pool.  She looked as if she didn't know what to think of the fuss.  Daddy inched her over to the side of the pool.  Quickly she decided that it looked like a lot of fun and wanted in as well.  You can see she was all smiles once she got her swim suit on!  She enjoyed the pool and had a fun time.  She is really becoming a little water bug like the other kids!

BTW, she loves her Daddy.  He is the sun, moon, and stars to her.  When he walks in the room in the evening, she drops everything and wants him to hold her.  If he gets out of her line of sight, she starts to fuss.  She's fine during the day when he is at work, but once he is home-she's on him like glue.  Matt is loving every minute of it too!


  1. What adorable pics Beth. Looks like Miss Minah is doing awesome and getting used to everything. I hear ya about the dad stuff, Sofia is the exact same way. Such a daddy's girl. :)


  2. What a beautiful and sweet new daughter you have. Congrats!!!!! What a perfect little family. Love seeing all the pictures of the kids.