Sunday, June 20, 2010

Home for two weeks and a half-adjusting well

Jacob, Minah, and Sophie
Minah was hamming it up for the camera.
All the kids (and the dog).  Minah was very happy.  I just didn't catch it in the photo.
Minah and Grandpa Mark looking at the wind chimes outside.
Princess Chloe
Cousin Claudia cuddling Minah while she was still sleepy.

The last week has been such a whirl wind.  When we adopted Chloe back in May of 2008, we were prepared for the worst.  She really adjusted to being part of our family quickly and her transition seemed very easy.  I'm almost afraid to type this but Minah's seems to be going even easier.  Hopefully I don't jinx our family.  She is a really easy baby.  Someone asked me how we get her to sleep.  Well....we lay down with her and she lays down and goes to sleep within 10 minutes or so.  She is eating more foods-that was our biggest challenge at first.  We wanted her to have balanced meals and she only wanted bread and crackers at first.  Now we know she loves meat!  Veggies are still not her favorite and she could take or leave most fruits but she is warming up to them more.

Each day we can see her get more comfortable with us.  She started coming down with a head cold on  a week ago Saturday which now is almost done.  She is cutting all 4 eye teeth.  Ouch!  Even through all of this, she is doing good.  She loves her Daddy and older sister.  She is warming up to me.  This morning she wanted me to hold her and comfort her.  :)

Chloe has been having a tough time but she is getting better.  She really loves Minah but is struggling sharing the attention.  Rachael is loving being a big sister to Minah.  They have gotten really close and it is very sweet to see the two of them together.  Jacob enjoys his new sister but I don't think he really thinks much has changed.  The same goes for Ryan.  My boys just go with the flow. 


  1. I'm so glad things are still going well! I was hoping to meet Minah this morning...darn rain! Hopefully soon. :)

  2. I love the family photos! I am so happy to hear things are going so well.

  3. Happy 2.5 weeks home with Minah. Glad to hear how wonderful things are going. Hopefully things will get easier for Chloe soon. It has to be hard to share the attention when she was used to being the baby. Poor little sweetie.


  4. I'm sure it won't be long and Miss Minah will love you the best! She just doesn't know what she's missing. Loved all the pictures. They are great!