Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Father's Day Fishing

Father's Day was a lot of fun this year.  Matt and Jacob got up early and went over to the forest preserve near our home for some "guy" time.  The girls and I stayed home and straightened the house and chilled for awhile.  Jacob did so good.  He caught two blue gills.  The first one above they caught right away.  The second one he reeled in all by himself!  What a big boy he is becoming!!!  Afterwards he still didn't understand the ways of a fisherman.  He was totally honest about the size of his catch.  LOL!

In the evening Grandpa Mark, Grandma Ruth, and Grandpa Bob came over for dinner.  I had everything planned for a nice steak and chicken dinner.  When I went to put the meat on the grill, I realized the propane tank was out.  Fortunately we had an extra one in the garage.  At least that was the only snafu of the day.  :)


  1. Ha!Ha! You can tell Jacob I never understood the ways of a fisherman either. (We fished alot when I was a child.) I love it! Great Photos!

  2. Hope Matt had a wonderful Father's Day and congrats to Jacob on his catches! I have had the same thing happen with the propane tank, good thing you had an extra. :)